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Lubricating oils

Through the choice of high-quality base oils and selected additive systems, C+M GmbH‘s modern lubricating oils offer an excellent performance so that processes are optimised and maintenance costs minimised, whereby it goes without saying that we recognise the requirements of our customers and offer individual solutions.

  • Compressor oils
  • Vacuum pump oils
  • Gas engine oils
  • Gear and bearing oils
  • Hydraulic fluids
  • Heat transfer oils
  • High temperature oils
  • Chain oils
  • Cleansing oils
  • Spindle oils

Our oils are available in a variety of viscosity classes. Further details and information can be obtained from our delivery programm!

„Fully synthetic top quality lubricants, high performance and
innovative solutions – we are at YOUR service!“



Greases are used in preference when lubricants have to stay as long as possible on the friction point. As well as providing lubrication, they shield the friction points from external influences such as water, dampness and dirt, as well as providing protection against corrosion and wear. C+M GmbH offers greases for a wide variety of industrial applications and the highest requirements. Furthermore, specific greases can be adapted to meet customer requirements.

  • Multi-grade greases
  • Low temperature greases
  • High temperature greases
  • Easily biodegradable greases
  • Adhesive greases
  • Greases for the foodstuff industry

Our greases are available in a variety of NLGI classes. You can find further details and information in our delivery programm!

„The latest lubricant technology combined with professional and
objective advice, will optimise your maintenance!“


Spray lubricants

Along with traditional lubricating oils and greases, C+M GmbH also offers a wide range of spray lubricants. Depending on the area of application, we recommend our spray lubricants. These are available for you in various types of packaging and sizes. We will also of course be available to offer you advice in this area.

  • Spray lubricants
  • Spray greases

We offer a wide range of spray lubricants. Further details and information can be obtained from our delivery programm!

“Our lubricants conserve the environment, increase operational
safety and reduce operating costs!”